About GoParenting


Welcome to GoParenting, it’s really nice to see you here. You’ve probably landed on this page because you have been searching something to do with being a parent. Well it’s very nice to meet you and thank you for visiting. At GoParenting we offer positive, friendly, non-judgemental parenting advice. We specialise in working with families with children aged two to eighteen and have worked with hundreds of parents with an extremely varied range of parenting issues. We share positive parenting strategies with mums and dads to help them manage their children’s behaviour and improve their family relationships.

Are you constantly worrying about the way you bring up your children? Do you often feel guilty because you feel you may not be doing a good job of being a parent? Our aim is to help you realise that you are doing a GREAT job, to give you some tips and information on how to continue doing that great job and to help you have confidence in the way you parent and the strategies that you use.

We believe that there is a cause for every behaviour.

Whether the behaviour is positive or negative, understanding why a child is behaving in a certain way is vital. This understanding will affect the way we react to the behaviour, which in turn impacts on how our child will behave in the future and to how our relationship develops with them. GoParenting works with parents to help them build on the positive aspects of the relationship they have with their child, understand why their child may be behaving in a certain way and to develop positive strategies that encourage a close bond between parent and child and help you to manage your children’s behaviour effectively.

We all know how important childhood is and the impact it can have on us as adults and on society. GoParenting promotes respectful parenting with boundaries that uses consistent and kind discipline strategies promoting good self-esteem and self-management in children which helps them grow into well rounded adults.

Work with us.

Working with GoParenting, individually or with your partner, gives you the opportunity to consider what is happening in your family and how you can make things better.

The support will include a plan that is tailor made for you and your family and could include things such as:

  • Helping you to think about how your own upbringing has influenced your parenting style and the values you’d like to keep and the ones you’d like to change.
  • Looking at your child’s current developmental stage to help you understand their behaviour and so be able to respond to and meet their needs.
  • Identifying clear, constructive communication skills, which will improve your relationships with everyone you know, not just your children!
  • Finding positive discipline strategies that help you manage your child’s behaviour leaving their self-esteem intact and helping them to self-manage.

Get in touch.

We welcome all parents to contact us no matter what their parenting views and will never judge you. We hope that our friendly approach will support you in developing strategies that help you feel happy and confident about the relationship you have with your child now and in the future. We provide information based on our experience of delivering evidence based parenting courses, the latest research on child development and parenting and from supporting children and families with emotional well-being issues over the past ten years.

We are dedicated to helping parents to have peaceful, fun, positive relationships with their children which benefit child, parent and society in the long term.

Michelle Fisher

Michelle set up GoParenting because she wanted to make it easy for parents to ask for help with bringing up their children. She has two daughters of her own and found that when they were growing up there was little support for parents after the midwife and health visitor support ended. She then felt on her own when she needed professional support with nowhere to turn.

Michelle doesn’t want parents to feel the same as she did and the aim of GoParenting is to make it easy for parents to find helpful, friendly professional advice on bringing up their children. Michelle began working as a parent coach and emotional well-being adviser for CXK and the Kent Parenting Service nine years ago. She has facilitated parenting classes for the Kent Parenting Service and supported young people and families within schools, colleges and the community all over Kent. She has 24 years personal parenting experience. CXK is a charity that helps children and adults maximise their potential by developing their skills and confidence and raising their potential.

About Michelle