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Parenting Style – what’s yours and is this best for your child?

25 September, 2018

Have you ever wondered what your parenting style is? Understanding our parenting style can help explain why we parent like we do. With this understanding we can make positive changes to the way we parent which can increase the chances of our children achieving the best outcomes in life.

9 reasons it’s so important to read to your children.

21 February, 2018

As parents, we often hear that it is important for us to read to our children to help them improve their reading skills. But there are so many other benefits reading to our kids can bring. Here are 9 reasons it is so important to read to your children from their early months and to continue this for as long as possible, even after they can read themselves.

Potty training: is your child ready?

7 February, 2018

Potty training can be one of the most stressful things for both parent and child if the child isn’t physiologically and emotionally ready to take this big step. In this blog I aim to help you recognise the signs that your child is ready so that they have the best chance of success and the journey is as smooth as possible for you both.

8 things every child needs to hear

11 January, 2018

As parents we have a huge impact on whether our children develop a high self-esteem. The little things you do every day can instil feelings ​​that will help them grow into confident and happy adults. Here are 8 things every child needs to hear.

What do kids really want for Christmas?

20 November, 2017

Advertising and social media can make us feel that the way to give our children a happy Christmas is to shower them with material things. This can put an enormous strain on our finances and make Christmas a really stressful time for us. So before you buy the next Christmas gift ask yourself this question, “What do kids really want for Christmas?”

Fussy eating in children and how to avoid it

3 November, 2017

By getting children involved in the whole process of buying, making and serving food you will help them develop an interest in healthy eating. This involvement will also increase their enjoyment of food and reduce fussy eating because it appeals to their desire for autonomy.

Helping your baby to sleep through the night

14 October, 2017

Could the fact that your baby still needs to be close to you at night be affecting their sleep and if so, could changing where they sleep be a factor in helping them sleep more soundly?

Bedtime routines and sleeping through the night

8 September, 2017

What does a good bedtime routine look like and why is it vital in helping babies and children fall asleep and sleep well throughout the night?

What is a good enough parent?

24 August, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself if you are a good enough parent? When your children misbehave, do you ask "is it my fault that they’re behaving like this?" Acknowledging that you make mistakes and your family isn’t perfect can be a liberating experience.

Spending time with your child

16 August, 2017

Research on ‘what makes children happy when they’re growing up’ has shown that it is not materialistic things but spending time with their parents. When you give your child your time you are helping them develop into a happy adult.

Positive attention and changing behaviours

8 August, 2017

Your children need attention from you and will work hard to get that attention. In the early stages of your child’s development you will be the most important person in their world and they need your time and guidance.

How to praise your child effectively

31 July, 2017

How and when should we praise our children? The latest research shows that the best type of praise is sincere, descriptive praise which helps children develop a realistic, healthy sense of self and intrinsic motivation.