How It Works

What GoParenting can offer you.

We specialise in working with families with children aged two to 18 and have worked with hundreds of parents with an extremely varied range of parenting issues. We share positive parenting strategies with mums and dads to help them manage their children’s behaviour and improve the relationship they have with them. So whether you are worrying that your eight year old NEVER eats vegetables or if your two and a half year old seems to have NO interest in the potty, or your 13 year old is REALLY testing those boundaries, we are here to listen and to support you to find the best solution.

Get in touch for a free initial consultation.

We would love to hear from you. If you would like a free initial 30 minute telephone consultation to discuss your concerns and the issue you would like to resolve, to ask any questions and to help you decide whether you think we are the right people to support you then please get in touch. Contact us or request a free consultation using the form and Michelle will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable time for your initial telephone consultation.

Book your first session.

After your initial telephone consultation, if you feel that Michelle is the right person to help you and you would like to work with her, we will arrange a convenient date and time for your first session. There are several ways we can offer you support including telephone, Skype and face to face sessions. It often works well to have at least one face to face session to begin with but if this isn’t going to work for you then we will be able to support you over the phone or via Skype.

Michelle is able to meet people for face to face sessions in the South of England either at your home or at an agreed public space. If you don’t live in the South of England or it is too far for you to travel, your sessions will all be via phone or Skype.

Your first session will be 90 minutes and this is used for you, your family and Michelle to get to know each other better, chat in more depth about what is going on for you and your family right now and discuss what you would like to achieve from the sessions. Subsequent session will be 60 minutes each.

Create a GoParenting plan.

After your first session, Michelle will create a tailor-made plan to support you in making the positive changes you would like to make based on everything you discussed. This plan will include some or all of the following; looking at how you parent your child and the way this may be affecting their behaviour, activities to help improve the relationship between you and your child and strategies to assist in making positive changes to your child’s behaviour. Subsequent sessions will be to support you with your plan by acknowledging what is working well and what might be hindering the progress you are making.

Agree subsequent sessions.

At the end of your first session we will agree how many further sessions you are likely to need. On average sessions are weekly for four to six weeks. Sometimes it may only take one or two sessions to move things forward and sometimes it may take more than six. Each individual/family has different requirements and the number of sessions you need will depend on the nature of what you wish to resolve and our review of the situation. Sessions do not need to be at the same time each week, they can be arranged to fit in with your needs.

After you have completed your sessions.

We are confident that at this point you and your family will have made the positive changes you wanted to achieve or will be well on the way to achieving them. You are welcome to book further sessions at any time with Michelle. You may have a different issue in the future that you would like some support with or you may want a one-off session just to tweak an issue we have worked on in the past. One month after our sessions have ended we offer an optional, free follow up call to see how things are going for you.

Sessions can be for parents and children or just for parents.

This is something that Michelle will discuss during the initial consultation. Sometimes it will be really helpful for your children to be with you and sometimes it won’t. This will depend on what you are discussing and working on at that session.

What you can expect from working with GoParenting.

  • A friendly, empathic, non-judgemental approach
  • A plan that is tailored to your unique family situation to help you make the changes you would like to make
  • Detailed suggestions for you to work on over a 4 – 6 week period

Here’s what you shouldn’t expect.

  • Miracle cures for behavioural issues (creating change takes time and patience)
  • Easy solutions that require little or no work from you


A face-to-face session is £50 per hour (plus travel from central Kent).

A Phone or Skype session is £40 per hour.

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or Paypal.

We are able to offer discounts to clients in some circumstances. Please talk to us if concerns about money are stopping you from getting in touch.

“I contacted Michelle because I was constantly ‘at war’ with my teenage daughter. She helped me to see things through a new pair of eyes by helping me to understand that my teenage daughter’s behaviour was in fact normal and that she was going through a normal phase of development. Implementing the practical advice Michelle gave me means that I am now able to deal with the way my daughter behaves in a much more effective way. Michelle advised me to ‘choose my battles’ so, rather than constantly nagging my daughter for the things she does (or doesn’t do!!). I let the petty things go and only address the incidents that I really need to. This has really helped me to build a positive relationship with my daughter again.

“When I had been at work and was tired my daughter often wanted to tell me about her day. She’d chat about things that were important to her but seemed insignificant to me and I never really listened. She must have picked up on this and was often verbally aggressive towards me. Michelle explained how important it is to keep those lines of communication open by listening to our children. I started to listen to my daughter and, not only has our relationship got stronger because of this, she opens up more to me about personal things and I’m able to guide her through discussion. I feel that she would be comfortable speaking with me about anything now. Because our communication has improved since seeing Michelle I have more of an insight into my daughter’s life which will help me to keep her safe.

“Michelle is so understanding and patient and her warmth and genuine passion for what she does really shines through.”

– Juliet, daughters aged 13 and 9

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