Michelle Fisher

Michelle Fisher

Michelle set up GoParenting because she wanted to make it easy for parents to ask for help with bringing up their children. She has two daughters of her own and found that when they were growing up there was little support for parents after the midwife and health visitor support ended. She then felt on her own when she needed professional support with nowhere to turn.

Michelle doesn’t want parents to feel the same as she did and the aim of GoParenting is to make it easy for parents to find helpful, friendly professional advice on bringing up their children. Michelle began working as a parent coach and emotional well-being adviser for CXK and the Kent Parenting Service nine years ago. She has facilitated parenting classes for the Kent Parenting Service and supported young people and families within schools, colleges and the community all over Kent. She has 25 years personal parenting experience. CXK is a charity that helps children and adults maximise their potential by developing their skills and confidence and raising their potential.

Michelle is a qualified, experienced parenting coach with certificates in the evidence based parenting programmes Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities, Incredible Years and Incredible Babies. She is also a qualified Early Years Montessori teacher, has a foundation degree in Working with Young People and Young People’s Services, a certificate in Supervision and holds a current basic disclosure police check. She provides information based on her experience and from the latest research on child development and parenting.

Michelle’s work as a parenting coach has included supporting families with children with learning difficulties and disabilities including Autism (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) helping parents to help them develop ways to best support their children so they find life easier to manage and can work towards reaching their potential.

Research shows that our childhood has a significant impact on the adults we become, on the type of relationships we have throughout our lives and whether we become a positive member of society. Parenting is an important job that we should all feel happy about asking for support with whenever we need it. Michelle hopes GoParenting will make it easy for parents to find information and ask for support. Her aim is to help parents feel confident that they are bringing up their children in ways that promote positive outcomes and help them develop into happy, well rounded adults.


Foundation Degree in Working with Young People and Young People’s Services - Canterbury Christ Church University

Diploma Montessori Pre-Primary Teaching – Montessori Centres Examination Board

Facilitator Certification in Incredible Years Program – Incredible Years authorised training based on the works of Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D.

Facilitator Certification in Incredible Babies Program – Incredible Years authorised training based on the works of Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D.

Facilitator Certification in Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities – SFSC Race Equality Foundation

Certificate in Supervision Studies – Canterbury Christ Church University

A word from Michelle

When I trained to be a parenting coach I fell in love with the parenting strategies I learned and wished I’d had knowledge of these strategies when my children were younger, it would have made life a lot easier! Parents that I have worked with say it is empowering to have this knowledge and their confidence has grown so much as a parent now they have effective tools to use.

I know what a tough job parenting can be, just as you think you’ve cracked an issue with your children they move onto another stage of development and throw a whole new set of challenges at you! I have developed the GoParenting strategies from years of experience of working with parents and families and from keeping up with the latest research in child development and parenting, the advice I give is not based on my own opinion. Many of the strategies work with children of all ages and so will help you parent as your children grow. I’d love to hear from you so please get in touch for a free consultation if you would like to chat about what is going on for you right now and how I might be able to support you.