"As a family we learned invaluable lessons during our sessions. My husband and I are now standing on common ground with our parenting approach which makes communication easier, without needless arguments. It has definitely brought us closer together. I have learned a lot about myself and how I can be a more patient mother, even during the difficult moments of parenting. My daughter has overcome her tantrum period smoothly and feels much more confident in many aspects of her life. Michelle is incredibly experienced, professional and very intuitive. It feels like having a good friend over when she is visiting us and our daughter loves her very much too!"

- Anita, daughter aged 3

"Michelle has given me the support, encouragement and strength to deal with some tough and challenging times and I am truly grateful"

- Beth, sons aged 5, 3 and 2

"I contacted Michelle because I was constantly ‘at war’ with my teenage daughter. Implementing the practical advice Michelle gave me means that I am now able to deal with the way my daughter behaves in a much more effective way and our relationship has greatly improved. Michelle is so understanding and patient and her warmth and genuine passion for what she does really shines through."

- Juliet, daughters aged 13 and 9

"Ever since I first contacted Michelle I have felt supported and encouraged. Sometimes it is very difficult to admit that you are stuck for a way to resolve a problem in your child’s life. Not only does Michelle offer invaluable advice but also helps you understand you are not alone when issues arise. When my children were struggling with grief I was so involved in the situation with them that I was unable to think straight. It was Michelle’s support and clarity on how children react to trauma that helped us all through the problems. Michelle is an extremely professional parenting coach who has a naturally therapeutic approach and I am so grateful to her for her advice and continued support in being the best parent I can be."

- Kate, sons aged 18 and 14

"Michelle has taught me how to keep my cool whilst dealing with an argumentative, headstrong teenage stepdaughter, a fiercely independent two-year-old and a teething baby. It is easy to forget, when you’re deprived of sleep, how to keep everyone happy. Michelle’s techniques really prove that investing time in your children in the right way provides you with an easier life! Thank you Michelle for your very patient approach to our crazy family. Not only were the sessions useful to keep both my husband and I on the same parenting path, but the summary emailed to us after each session proved invaluable in reminding us of the techniques we needed to use."

- Michelle, stepdaughter aged 13, daughter aged 2 and son aged 10 months

"After three previous people had tried to help us with some behavioural problems that we were having with our teenage daughter I was, at first, very sceptical to have another person try and help. Michelle really was a breath of fresh air. She took time to understand the family set up and dynamic and then, once she felt it appropriate, offered very clear, concise exercises and tips that we could work into our weekly routine. We still implement these now with great effect. Thanks again Michelle."

- Jon, daughter aged 13, daughter aged 2 and son aged 10 months

"We found it really helpful to have someone from the outside come in and look at our situation with a fresh perspective. Michelle’s understanding and empathetic approach was really important when we were discussing problems that we were finding difficult to deal with. The evidence based research that supports the strategies Michelle uses gave us confidence that what she suggested we do would work. "

- Michelle and Mark, daughter aged 5, son aged 2

" I truly value and appreciate all that Michelle has given me. The way she has made me feel at ease, not judged me, listened to me, accepted and valued me is fantastic. The support I received has been fun, real, informative and I felt in a safe place to raise concerns and explore ideas, thank you so much"

- Nicola, sons aged 8 and 6

"I have found working with Michelle a joy. She is full of warmth, clearly loves what she does and is very experienced. I have felt understood, not judged and have learned that I am not alone in needing parenting support. Michelle has so much time for you, she is amazing with my daughter and has given me superb support and strategies, meaning the bond I have with my daughter is now a lot stronger"

- Natacha, daughter aged 3